This morning we had the privilege of having Dave Richards join us to launch our new series 'The King & His Kingdom'.

We spent last term focussing on the Gospel - the work of the Cross. You may remember the image of a diamond as we built a picture of some of the facets of salvation. Well, there is another side to that diamond - the way of the cross.
Charles Simpson, an American apostle and pastor, wrote, “We need to remember that Jesus was first Saviour but then Lord". The way of the cross is a process of recognising Jesus as Lord of every aspect of our lives. This comes alongside an understanding of the Kingdom of God. So we are going to spend this term looking at the parables of the kingdom and looking to Jesus to become the Lord of our lives!

This week we have the real privilege of being joined by Dave Richards. Dave is one of the fathers of Salt & Light Ministries starting Merryfield House church along with the Norridges from Witney. Dave and his wife Chris now live in Freeland and both carry the Kingdom deeply in their hearts.

This is going to be a significant and challenging path of equipping for us as a church.

You can also watch Dave back here -

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