As a church, like everyone else, we are having to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic and so we are going to have to do things a bit differently for the next season.

Currently, we are being advised by the government to minimise social contact and avoid unnecessary social gatherings. Whilst we would say church is necessary, religious gatherings do come under these guidelines and therefore we are pausing all our church gatherings from today until further notice.

This does, however, give us the opportunity to break out of the constraints of our normal church formula and try something new. So from this Sunday we will be making our Sunday morning meeting available for you to attend online - more details will be sent out soon but we hope to make it as interactive as we can - we will also be sending out resources for kids to engage with each week.
LifeGroups will also continue but in a different format and your LifeGroup leaders will be in touch soon to explain what you will need to do to connect with that! For those that are perhaps less tech-savvy we will endeavour to support you and get you set up for this season.

Whilst this may take some time to get to grips with we know that God can still be glorified through our worship in different locations and that his word is still rich and life-transforming even if delivered through a computer screen.

We do understand that there will be different reactions to this situation - the thought of isolation could sound like a dream or a nightmare but either way we want to encourage each of us to stay in contact. The phone is our friend! Please do think about those who are more vulnerable and those that will need to self-isolate both within our church community and your neighbours.

If you are in need of support yourself please first contact your LifeGroup leader or if you are not a part of a LifeGroup yet please contact John & Jen or John & Celia.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will send out regular updates about our response as a church as well as a focus for prayer, and we encourage you to follow the advice being given out. As we heard on Sunday there is Power in our prayer when we let him lead our prayer, so for the following please ask God how he would have you pray:

Please can I, on this occasion, ask you to pray for 2 particular areas:
• Those working in health services both with our church and others in our community. Pray for wisdom as they work through the unknowns and for protection so they can care for those in need. We also need to pray for the quick supply of equipment.
• Please also pray for those in our church and local community that are at higher risk for God’s protection over their physical and mental health as they become isolated.

Carterton Community Church is a place where people meet God and this hasn’t changed. We are carriers of God’s presence wherever we are - as employees & colleagues, as neighbours & friends - we can share the love and peace of God despite these apparent limitations.